Greens Farms Academy is a PreK-12, coed school in Westport, CT

A Year in the Life of the GFA Garden

A Year in the Life of the GFA Garden

The GFA garden received an upgrade last week! As part of her HES (Human Ecology and Sustainability) Inquiry project, Analise Trani ‘23 designed a new sign to highlight the garden and let the community know about all of the hard work that goes into it throughout the year. 

On her walks to softball practice, Analise would pass by the garden, not fully knowing exactly what it was. It wasn’t until her sustainability class with Dr. Heather Heenehan that Analise realized how important the garden was, and how much it contributes to the GFA community.

“I know many people walk down the path and overlook the importance of the garden. I wanted to make something where people can value this type of thing,” said Analise. 

With several of Dr. Heenahan’s classes, Analise spent last year analyzing the work that went into the garden each month, as well as getting in the weeds of it herself. Though this project did include lots of planting, Analise’s work extended as far as ordering seeds and getting the garden ready for the change of seasons. 

When it came time to design the poster that would be going up in the garden, Analise was inspired by a poster Dr. Heenahan shared in class. Involved in everything from the line work illustrations to the layout and colors, Analise worked with GFA’s Creative Director, Lindsay Russo, to create mockups for the sign that is now displayed proudly in front of GFA’s garden.

Along with a breakdown of how the garden operates month to month, Analise included several facts about the garden and GFA: 

  • GFA is a Green Ribbon School.

  • We are on the pollinator pathway.

  • All of our composted material goes back into GFA property.

  • Students from the Upper, Middle, and Lower School spend time in the Garden as do Horizons at GFA students, families and community members.

  • Sustainability is part of the curriculum in each division. 

  • GFA donates produce to centers and local organizations. We use some produce in school lunches.

Analise hopes to continue working in sustainability as a minor or extracurricular when she pursues her bachelors degree at Western New England University next year.