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Naomi Shihab Nye

The following article was published in the January 2020 issue of The Beachside Press.

By Antara Singh-Ghai '22

This November, Naomi Shihab Nye came to visit Greens Farms Academy. Ms. Nye is a famous American poet who has written several books since her debut in the 1980s. In addition, she is the first Arab-American to become the Young People's Poet Laureate. She spent two days in multiple classes with GFA students, helping students become better writers and talked about her love of poetry. 

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By Ethan Lior '20

It started as my Middle School Science Fair Project, but turned into the moment of realization that the work I do could possibly contribute to solving global problems. This was one of my first moments of connecting academics to my passion. When you become truly engaged in your academics and don't just check a box, only then can you realize your true potential.

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By Allison Telesz '20

Growing up with two older sisters who went to GFA, I already knew so much about the Upper School — I was ready. I had my next four years figured out. But unlike my sisters or many of their friends, I didn’t have that thing that I felt passionate about. There wasn’t one thing I was extremely good at, in which I could form an identity — an identity that could guide me through the next four years.

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