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By Bob Whelan P ’24
Head of School

Preparing our students for a life of purpose requires the development of interpersonal character strengths, or “strengths of the heart,” such as empathy, integrity, and gratitude. It also requires the development of intrapersonal character strengths, or “strengths of will” — academic self-control, delay of gratification, optimism, and a growth mindset.

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Let's Walk the Walk Together

By Charles Kolin
Tenth grade

On this day, we come together with schools around the world to stand together against bullying and unite for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion to let those who have been bullied know that they are not alone. Many people have experienced bullying and unfortunately, I have experienced bullying as well.

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By Emma Fellows
Ninth grade

The following is Emma's poem, "Together," which was read during GFA's Unity Day celebration on October 24.

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The Trap of Self-Absorption

By Griffen Stabler
Assistant Head of Middle School; MS English; Grade 8 Dean; Coordinator of Equity & Inclusion

I have a confession to make that probably won’t surprise those of you out there who have heard me mention this before: I was a bully when I was your age. At the time, I didn’t see myself that way, but with the aid of hindsight I now recognize the shortcomings and blind spots of my younger self.

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