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By Yensen Lambert
World Languages Chair

For a person of color, such as myself, hair can dictate where you live, how you plan your day, what activities you engage in, how late you go to sleep, how late you wake up, and summer outings you choose to participate in. It’s that powerful. Allow me to explain.

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Open book adventure

By Luke Hammer ’19

A great thing about a deep fascination for a subject is that it indirectly causes success. Interest leads to exploration, and exploration leads to experience. My newfound passion for mathematics drove me to explore various problems beyond the curriculum.

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By Lila Wells ’19

Be willing to fall down. GFA is the place to do it. We’re all essentially rehearsing for adult life outside this campus, and whether we welcome it or not, failure is a part of life. We all fall down, but what is truly defining is how we pick ourselves up, learn from our mishaps, and expand our comfort zones accordingly.

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Middle School Travel Log: Québec

Quebec is, as many know, extremely cold. With snowy winds and piles of snow (unlike back home), it is truly a snow-lover's paradise. On our first day, we learned a lot about Québec's history on a walking tour of the city. Many significant landmarks were pointed out to us by our guide, including the wall around the city and the Saint Lawrence river, and we learned about how Québec was founded.

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Sustainability seminar

Senior Sustainability Class Report

In our sustainability seminar, we have been considering our mission statement, in relation to sustainability, and how it must be compared with both nearby schools and the Chewonki School and foundation, where our class spent a week in the fall. We thought that having a better understanding of sustainability throughout GFA and a more explicit mention of sustainability would help guide and improve our approach to sustainability.

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Rejuvenation Pruning

By Tom Barry
Grounds Manager

At GFA we have had yews around campus that have become staples of the landscape. Many of them have been around for as long as the school has. Unfortunately, these yews have become overgrown for the space they were initially planted in. 

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