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(Don't) Squash Solar

By Marcus Ng '20

Marcus Ng shares about Sustainability Seminar's fifth and final student-led unit on energy which had us visiting our own solar panels and exploring opportunities to expand renewable energy, namely solar, on campus.

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Tolani Oshin '24

By Tolani Oshin '24

For a lot of people, middle schoolers especially, having our own ideas and beliefs not persuaded by others or social media is hard. It seems as if every move we make is because of what someone else has decided. In my life, I’ve found two prominent moments where I did exactly the opposite. In these moments, I found the courage to do what I wanted for myself, no matter what other people told me, and I felt truly happy

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By Owen Simon '24

This December, my parents gave me a phone, and at the same time, both a blessing and a curse. It was a blessing as I had an easy form of communication and an easy entertainment platform, and a curse in that it was as a distractor and trust breaker. I know screen reliance is a struggle to which many people can relate, students and teachers alike. It isn’t easy to stop, but it is possible, and I know that I am up for the challenge. 

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