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Time Matters: A Schedule for Our (Students’) Times

By Chris Kolovos
Associate Head of School

What would it look like to build a school schedule that really works for kids? One that takes into account everything that researchers, doctors, and kids are telling us about sleep, stress, and health? And one that creates the space for teachers and students to do the kind of exploratory, authentic, inquiry-based work that we know will serve them well in the 21st century?

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A Letter to the Community

By Bob Whelan
Head of School

I feel fortunate to be joining such a community of inspiring educators; open, kind students; and enthusiastic, engaged parents and alumni. To say that I am impressed with this community, especially your students, is an immeasurable understatement. I am as excited by the place that GFA is today as I am by its commitment to developing its excellence in the future.

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Lessons From Failure

By Chris Kolovos
Associate Head of School

Think about the most important lesson you’ve learned in your life. A time when you have really grown. Something that will stay with you for a long time. Where did that lesson come from? Most of us did not learn that lesson when things went right and we almost certainly did not receive an award for it.

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Amid Changing Times, Remember What is Always True

By Ginny Balser
English Department Chair

One of the most revealing questions I ask is: "In 20 years, when you are in your late 30s, who are you and what are you doing?" It is a very hard question for the students, as it asks them to imagine their life in more years than they have already lived, and it requires them to make some assumptions not only about themselves but also about how their world will have changed. 

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Reflecting on Service Learning

By Valeria Ibarcena
Global Studies Teaching Fellow

It wasn’t until I began to make reflection an active, and significant, part of my life that I realized just how much learning happens all of the time, even if you’re no longer a high school student — and especially when you’re engaged in service learning.

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By Chris Kolovos
Associate Head of School

I have been so fortunate — fortunate to have parents who sought out opportunities for me that they never had, fortunate to find teachers who loved me and nourished me, fortunate to have a door open when I began to explore a career in schools, fortunate to have found that thing in life that I feel I was meant to do. For the last fifteen years, I have loved coming to work, and I do not know many people who can say the same.

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