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Something from Nothing

By James Serach
Science Department Chair

Grit is the ability to keep at something even if it is hard or you don’t like it; resilience is the capacity to recover from setbacks and dare I say it, failures. Self-confidence gives you the willingness, maybe even the fearlessness, to step out of your comfort zone (like I’m doing here tonight), and to try new things. So, where do these things come from? 

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Yensen blog thumbnail

By Yensen Lambert
World Languages Chair

For a person of color, such as myself, hair can dictate where you live, how you plan your day, what activities you engage in, how late you go to sleep, how late you wake up, and summer outings you choose to participate in. It’s that powerful. Allow me to explain.

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Open book adventure

By Luke Hammer ’19

A great thing about a deep fascination for a subject is that it indirectly causes success. Interest leads to exploration, and exploration leads to experience. My newfound passion for mathematics drove me to explore various problems beyond the curriculum.

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