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There is Always a Reason to Smile

By Lane Durkin
Eighth Grade

My family is generally what you would consider a normal family. We occasionally have family meals together, we spend time with each other, and we all support each other. Nothing out of the ordinary. However, there has always been something that has made my family different than those of most of my friends.

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Equal artwork

By Betsy Bergeron
Upper School Choral Music Teacher

Transgender rights are human rights. It is so important that we  speak up now for our trans friends, relatives, students, and teachers. We are not asking for special rights or favors, just the opportunity granted to any straight human being — to live their life with equal rights and without fear.

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chain of strength

By Jenifer Bonilla
Ninth grade

Let us go back to our early childhood, when we were introduced to the concept of empathy and not always thinking about what you want, but thinking about what others are feeling and going through. I am so proud of people who decide to come out, break the social norm, talk about this injustice, making it known that they will not be erased.

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Dirt is the New Prozac

By Elizabeth Day
GFA School Counselor

Today I’m sharing my lifelong story of how dirt makes me happy — giving you the “dirt on me” so to speak. I have my parents to thank for instilling a love of nature in me. Certainly, this was the best gift they could have possibly given.

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Julia Yingling

By Sangeeta Dhawan
Upper School World Languages

A sure way to make French real to our students is by introducing them to individuals in their general age group who have become fluent and have successfully integrated their language skills in their chosen career path: how they persevered and the obstacles and triumphs they celebrated along the way. The path to fluency is not always direct and not always short, but they key is to not give up.

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