Greens Farms Academy is a PreK-12, coed school in Westport, CT

We're Ready for Tomorrow

Greens Farms Academy engages students as partners in an innovative, inclusive, and globally minded community to prepare them for lives of purpose.

Quisque Pro Omnibus

Each for All


is at the heart of everything we do. The bonds we form strengthen, enrich, and inspire our community.

On the athletic field, in the lab, on stage, or at the Harkness table, discover hidden talents and explore new worlds.

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Inspiring Lives of Purpose

Unparalleled Faculty

We cultivate a lifelong love of learning and encourage students to create their own academic path. Learn about our Signature Programs.

Our world-class faculty are dedicated to their craft, working in true partnership with students.


We ask our students to consider the world from the perspective of others. Empathy is a priority at all times.



Our commitment to excellence — in academics, in character, and in life — is unparalleled. All our students have the potential for greatness.

GFA strives to create a diverse community that values the identities, perspectives, and experiences of all its members.

Globally Minded

We empower our students to discover their place in the world and help them to become globally competent citizens engaged in building a sustainable future.

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The foundation is deep

Bob Whelan Head of School

"If you want to see how tall a building is going to be, look at how deep the foundation is. We provide students with a sense of connection, a foundation of trust and respect, that allows them to embrace challenges, to stretch themselves, to go out into the world with wonder, courage, and compassion. We know that our work is effective. Our graduates go on to make a meaningful impact. They are balanced and curious. They're grounded. The foundation is deep."

Above and Beyond

Our College Guidance process is simple: we want to help our students discover the possibilities that await them outside these walls.

College Level Advanced Inquiry

Inspired, Original Inquiry-Based Projects

$4.8M in scholarship offers