An independent co-ed day school for grades Pre K-12

The Board of Trustees

The Board’s function is similar to a committee overseeing a corporation, and it is responsible for setting policy, regulating the school’s financial health, and selecting the Head of School.

The Board is not responsible for the daily management of the school but is highly involved in policy matters, both regulatory and strategic, and takes a leadership role in fundraising. The Board also offers expertise in areas such as law, construction, human resources, marketing, medicine, and finance.

As is commonplace in independent schools, GFA’s board is self-perpetuating and Trustees select their peers. Criteria include diversity of talent and background, willingness to serve and perform the duties required, prior efforts on behalf of GFA, and compliance with the Board’s bylaws. The Board strives to maintain diversity of talent, background, and stage of life, while holding in common a devotion to GFA through hard work and generosity.

The full Board meets eight times a year and is presently composed of 22 members. Seven are officers who serve for one-year terms with a maximum of ten consecutive years, and sixteen are term Trustees who typically serve two, three-year terms. The Head of School acts as an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Board.

In addition, the Board operates through a series of standing committees, and ad hoc committees are appointed for particular needs. Each Board member serves on at least one committee, with many sitting on multiple committees. Most committees are made up of Trustees, administration members, faculty, and non-Trustee parents.

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