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Athletic Recruitment

The following links will give athletes interested in pursuing college sports a basic guide to help work through the college application process. Included are links to:

  1.  A timeline to help identify what you should be doing month to month beginning in your sophomore year,

  2. A list of questions to ask during your visit with admissions officers, coaches and other key members of the college community,

  3. A list of questions to ask AFTER your visit to the college to help you to evaluate the coaches, players and adminssions counselors, and your overall experience there,

  4. A sample letter from a high school junior athlete that can be used to send to college coaches,

  5. And finally, information on NCAA recruitment rules and regulations with regard to contact periods and official visits.

The NCAA Eligibility Center is your comprehensive guide to playing sports in college. The site includes information such as:

  • An online version of NCAA Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete.

  • Links to the NCAA website.

  • Core-course listings for high schools.

  • Online information about Division I and Division II initial-eligibility requirements.

  • Online Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).


The following are other useful sites you may want to check for further information: - Categorized links to hundreds of other resources for college. - Virtual online tours of colleges throughout the country - Links to individual schools by State, as well as other useful info - College searches, test prep, financial & scholarship info - a powerful college search engine that allows users to provide specific criteria for school searches - Topics include, test prep, college search, admissions advice, financial info - Info for high school students regrading college, picking a college, and paying for college

The Athletes Edge - A New York Times series dedicated to College Athletic Recruiting


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