An independent co-ed day school for grades Pre K-12

Student Life

GFA cultivates students with highly diverse passions and interests. We see it in the athlete who shows up to jazz night in a full sweat from the varsity basketball game--just in time to take a solo. " 
- David Schmidt-Fellner ’10, Brown University

Being involved is easy at GFA. From Community Service lunches to Student Council meetings; to the Environmental Club, Sports Club, or Saving Animals From Exploitation Club meetings; to the improv group or a cappella singing groups after school, or participating in the annual Writer's Coffeehouse there are always places to be and things to do. Whether reading submissions to the Upper School literary magazine, Penumbra, Writing for the newspaper, taping a commercial for video class, demonstrating rowing techniques as a Friday Speaker, or debating divestiture in Darfur; students find avenues for serious engagement or just pure fun. Of course, classes, sports practices and games, and studying in the library take up much of the day; but students find plenty of time to pursue their interests and discover new ones.

    • MonFeb20 Middle School French Trip to Quebec
    • TueFeb21 2nd Grade Field Trip to The Discovery Museum 8:30 AM to 2:15 PM
    • TueFeb21 Announcements & Class Meetings (Grades 9-11) 8:55 AM to 9:55 AMPerforming Arts Center Theater
    • TueFeb21 Senior Breakfast with Young Alumni Speaker, Meredith Koch Class of '08 8:55 AM to 9:55 AMCafeteria
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