Greens Farms Academy

An Independent Co-Ed Day School For Grades PreK-12

In Other Words

Take a moment to read personal essays, creative writing pieces, poems, and reflections from our community.

The Beauty of a School Community

GFA's motto is Quisque pro Omnibus — or "each for all" — and perhaps that is part of why we are a place where many unique and memorable voices blend together in pursuit of learning, growing up, and awakening a variety of passions.  I take the greatest pleasure in working in the midst of that kind of beauty and contributing my part to the harmony of a unique and wonderful school.

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A Minute with Kavya

Eighth grader Kavya Krisnamurthy recently answered a few questions for Greens Farms Magazine's December issue. Because it is a magazine with such a small distribution, we were worried our community wouldn't get a chance to read her beautiful words, so we wanted to share them with you.

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Make Empathy Great Again

Stated broadly, empathy is the willingness to understand others. It’s being open to another point of view, or to hear someone out. In the past year, I’ve learned an important lesson about empathy that has also taught me a lot about myself. I’d like to share a story with you about one conversation that changed everything for me. 

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Embrace the "Other Stuff" Too

I want to highlight the “OTHER STUFF” we all did this year. The good stuff we did, we learned, we tried, that didn’t quite have to do with the academic realm. Unfortunately I think we can sometimes get tangled in the false narrative that academics are all-important.

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Follow Your Intellectual Curiosity

At first I worked hard to just get good grades, but something just didn’t feel right as I simply flowed in an everlasting stream of difficult subjects and numerous tests. But then I was transformed by Dr. Freeman’s Research and Experimental Design course over the summer prior to sophomore year.

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