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College Guidance

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Meet the Team

Michael Pina


Director of College Guidance


I have visited 45 of the 50 United States (I'm missing Alaska, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, and Idaho), and I've lived and studied in three European countries: Italy, Spain, Switzerland. I play the alto saxophone from time to time, and my deepest scuba dive, 97 feet, was while vacationing in the Dominican Republic


My mom was an educator in Concord, MA, for over 30 years — her patience and her belief in every student still inspires me. She cultivated an environment where children believed that anything is possible, and one where when they failed, they knew that they were loved and supported.

I love being a college counselor because of the opportunity to work with children and families and to mentor the child through an amazing journey of self-discovery. At my core, I seek to be the strongest advocate for a young person to pursue his or her dreams. For many seniors, deciding which colleges to apply to, and where to enroll is the first major decision that they lead their family in making. I am happy to be a partner and resource for the students and families.

  • Paddle boarding and ocean kayaking
  • Grilling
  • Roadtripping with my family

Rachel Boyer


Associate Director of College Guidance


On occasion, Lady Gaga was known to sing backup for me, but we all just called her Stefani back then.

WHAT does COLLEGE GUIDANCE mean to you?

When I went through my own college process, I had a wonderful counselor. She was funny, smart as a whip, and treated me like an adult, which I really appreciated. College Guidance is about empowering students with the tools they need to better understand themselves and the environments in which they will be successful. The reward isn’t the acceptance letter, though of course those are nice; it is 10 years down the road when a student is doing work that they find meaningful and living their best possible life — whatever that might mean for them. Developing relationships with students and getting to play a small role in setting them on the varied paths that they take is the best part of this work, and the main reason that I’ve stayed in the field.


I love to read, cook, and sing very loudly in my car. I enjoy seeing movies, going to the theater with my mom (who is way cooler than I am), and spending time with my husband and two little boys.

David Olins


Senior Associate of College Guidance, Eleventh Grade Academic Dean

Fun Fact:

I recently traveled to London, Belfast, and Edinburgh where I enjoyed my first Fringe Festival!

What does college guidance mean to you?

I enjoy working with students and families to help them successfully navigate the college process. Knowing each student individually helps me to find what inspires them, whether it is in academics, athletics, the arts, or outside activities. Forming this connection allows me to make college suggestions that truly fit their goals and will make sure that the transition from high school to college is successful.

More About Me:

Despite my inability to fulfill my dream of dunking a basketball, I am an avid fan of the sport and I passionately root for the Celtics and the UConn women's basketball team. While I am no longer as spry as I used to be, I am still a competitive tennis player. I love my wife's cooking, enjoy movies, and I am a voracious reader.

Jennifer Shairer

Jen ShairerTITLE:

Office Manager & Testing Coordinator for the College Guidance Office

Fun Fact:

I am a huge fan of concerts and especially Bon Jovi and Madonna — I have been to over twenty of their shows!

What does college guidance mean to you?

My responsibility is to keep the college process organized, on track and fun. My favorite part is being able to interact with the students, get to know them individually and be a participant in each of their college processes. There are a lot of ups and downs throughout senior year and I am there to support them with advice, candy and lots of confetti!

More About Me:

I joined the GFA community from the corporate world in 2006 and I serve as the Office Manager and Testing Coordinator in the GFA College Guidance Office. In my roles, I help students to manage the nuances of the college application process and I oversee the timely sending of student transcripts and recommendations to colleges. As Testing Coordinator, I manage the administration of the PSAT test each fall and AP exams each spring. Additionally, I serve as the point person for scheduling student and family meetings.